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How can Bespoken U.S.A. Help my Business?
The thing that makes Bespoken U.S.A. most attractive is the fits we're able to deliver on all body types.
Our certified clothiers have worked with, and nailed, some of the most difficult fits.

The World's Strongest Man (6'9" 460lbs), America's tallest man (7'9"), numerous professional athletes (men and women) are just some of the notable fits achieved- all without alterations! 
We will train you on how to measure for a bespoke garment and how to achieve a "walk out fit," no matter the size or shape of the individual.

When you commit to working with us, we provide you with a deep bench of introductory, mid, and high end fabrics. We have excellent relationships with many of the world's top fabric mills (Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Gladson, Scabal, to name a few). And you will never be in a position where your sales suffer because you don't have enough of or the right fabrics for your clients. 

Because of our relationships with our fabric mills, we receive amazing treatment and discounts on fabrics. We put our clothiers in positions where they can take their margins seriously and still deliver an amazing value to their clients.
Many of our certified clothiers run 7-figure businesses and our fabric selection is a huge reason for this. Our group is tight-knit, too. So our clothiers' success is something that we openly discuss and strategize with newer clothiers who want to grow their businesses.

When we work together we all become better. In only certifying one-to-two clothiers per market (depending on volume and market size), we are able to openly network with each other and help each other run successful businesses. When you commit to working with our group, you have access to all of us at Bespoken U.S.A. You're not alone trying to figure out how to measure, take your margin seriously, price items, fit difficult bodies, etc. You have access to to some of the most successful clothiers in America, and they're eager to help you join them in that title.
Once certified, you are invited to a Bespoken U.S.A. dinner in NYC every season where everyone gets together in person and shares a great meal, shares strategies, and encourages one another.
Master Bespoke Clothier Crest.png
Master Bespoke Clothier Crest.png
Master Bespoke Clothier Crest.png
Master Bespoke Clothier Crest.png
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