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What is BESPOKEN U.S.A.?

Bespoken U.S.A. is a training and resource and CMT for custom clothiers in America to move beyond MTM into a bespoke process.  For years, bespoke tailoring was reserved for the classically trained bench tailor.  Bespoken U.S.A. is making this superior process available, and attainable for North American, volume-based clothiers.


How is BESPOKE different from MADE-TO-MEASURE?

Made to Measure:

Working with a limited number of symmetrical adjustments (+/- in girth(s) and length(s)) to a pre-existing pattern.


Creating a unique, original pattern specific to each client's body structure.


What is a certified MASTER BESPOKE CLOTHIER?

Bespoken U.S.A. certification exists to provide custom clothiers with the knowledge and ability to measure, and create, a bespoke garment.

Once certified, MBCs join the ranks of likeminded shops and individuals who want to provide their customers with the best overall experience and fit.


What is the CERTIFICATION process?

Every certified MBC has gone through a series of thorough measuring aptitude evaluations and a thorough screening process.

Bespoken U.S.A. is exclusive in the way it screens, teaches, and certifies clothiers.  

For this reason, there remains a level of exclusivity in the businesses certified and the cities in which they operate.  


How can my business become certified?

If you believe your business would be a good fit for Bespoken U.S.A., please contact us and we will begin the process.




All images are of Bespoken U.S.A. garments, made by Bespoken U.S.A. trained tailors.

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